Hotel La Casona
A Boutique Hotel in the Colonia Roma - Condesa, Mexico City
Hacienda Ixtafiayuca, Tlaxcala, México

The History of Hotel La Casona, Colonia Roma - Condesa, Mexico City

The dream that eventually converted into Hotel La Casona, was realised in 1994 by Sr. Rudolph L. Roth, his brother Frederick A. Roth, and his father Werner Roth. The family are of Swiss origin, and both brothers are graduates from the Lausanne Hotel School in Switzerland, their dream was to open a European style hotel in Mexico, which is their birth country.

In 1994 Mexico was in a financial crisis for political reasons. The real -

Hotel La Casona, hotels colonia roma - Condesa, Mexico City

- estate business was at a low, and this particular project was seen as a high risk. Almost a year past, and the deal for the building that is now Hotel La Casona was not made. Just before the project was about to be abandoned, a small bank that had just opened it's doors for business decided to give the loan.

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Hotel La Casona, Colonia Roma - Condesa, Mexico City
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