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This privacy statement is presented to you in accordance with articles 8, 15, 16, 36 and other articles that are relative and aplicable to the Federal Data Protection Act in posession of private entities (Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares - "LFPDPPP").

1. The responsable's identity and principle address

Inmobiliaria Casa Roma, S.A de C.V (Hotel la Casona) with address Durango No. 280 Col. Roma Delegación Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City, is responsable for the gathering and administration of personal data obtained by us through a client staying with us.

2. Personal details/data

For the purposes established in this Privacy Statement, Hotel La Casona will aquire from you the following personal data: first and last name, date of birth, gender, address, telephone number, email address, social media address, age range, tax id number (RFC or other if international), civil status, ocupation, nationality or citizenship, car number plate number, Facebook and/or Twitter address, principle reason for your trip or visit and number of trips/visits per year; and third party data; your company name, your job title and contact information; credit card or payment form details, invoice detailes; interests, personal opinions and hobbies; also your computer IP address and browser type.

Hotel La Casona does not collect personal data that is considered sensitive by the LFPDPPP. We may obtain your credit card details regarding your reservation and payment to us.

Hotel La Casona obtains personal data from you with regard to the following:

a) In person when you provide personal data to one of our employees, when you fill out a form or during your check in with us, or at our hotel reception. Also this may occur when you answer satifaction questionnaires or service opinions requests, or when you subscribe to offers, competitions or loyalty programs.

b) Directly, when you provide personal details by telephone or by way of electronic mediums, when you fill out a reservation form in our website https://www.hotellacasona.com.mx, or when you interact in our social media profiles or by means of cookies or web beacons. Also when you subscribe to offers or take part in competitions using electronic mediums.

c) Indirectly, when you provide your personal details to one of our suppliers, for example travel agencies or other third parties that share personal information databases with us that can help us with your reservation process.

A cookie is a data archive that stores on the hard drive of your computer or electronic comunications device, you use cookies when you navegate in our website, this stored archive permits intercambio of information between our website and your browser. This information can identify user sessions, authentication or preferences, also any other data that can be stored in the browser by way of a website. In contrast, a web beacon is a visible or hidden web image inserted into our website https://www.hotellacasona.com.mx or email, that can be used to monitor your behavior in electronic mediums. By using these forementioned methods, we can obtain your IP address, web browser type, operating system, the day and time you entered our website, and in the case of email, the asociation of data. The data obtained by these mediums permits us to provide a better service in our website for our clients. The majority of web browsers permit the use of your preferences using cookies. You can configure your web browser so that it rejects cookies or rejects or deletes certain cookies iof you do not want your browsing behaviour to be monitored

Blocking cookies can affect the function of our website or service.

A third party service we use to follow the activity related to our service that uses cookies is Google Analytics. If you do not want Google Analytics to obtain and use information, you can install a blocking system (opt-out) in your web browser (tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=None).

3. Purpose

The collection and use of personal details mentioned above, is done for certain necessary purposes:

a) To keep a record of our guests in order to give them the best possible service and attention.

b) Contact guests when it is necessary, including the completion of transactions or to give a personalized service, or maybe in cases of emergency.

c) To get invoice details from a client if necessary.

d) To complete a reservation according to your exact specifications.

e) To get credit card details, which are needed to guarantee a reservation, we only make a charge if the guest does not show at the hotel for a confirrmed eservation or by direct indication of the guest.

f) Consult the guest regarding our service and understand his or her specific needs in order to give a better service.

g) Comply with all the obligatory legal dispositions for Hotel La Casona regarding our comercial relation with you.

h) Comply with contract obligations that are celebrated with you regarding the comercial relationship.

i) Protect the interests and rights of Hotel La Casona for legal dispositions.

We have the following addicional purposes:

a) The creation of a personal profile in our website https://www.hotellacasona.com.mx that allows us to get notifications for special offers, register for loyalty programs, send electronic postcards, and other services.

b) Enroll you in competitions, raffles and draws, including digital ones, which can allow us to personalize promotions and notices, and also to contact the winner of any given competition.

c) To obtain online polls, satisfaction questionnaires and service opinions of our Internet service.

d) To send you personalized publicity and for other marketing, statistical and comercial purposes.

You can modify your persdonal details uses for these purposes at any time to personalize any offers or promotions according to your preferences, to modify the security options in our website https://www.hotellacasona.com.mx, or actualize your personal details in your profile. You can also ask to not receive publicity from us using a link that appears in each offer or promotion that you may receive;, usingh this link will eliminate you from our mailing list. Also you can contact our personal data department and ask that your data is not used for these purposes, acording to the proceedure in part 5.

We also inform you that you can register in the Public Consumer Register (Registro Público de Consumidores) provided in the Federal Consumer Protection Law, and in the Public Register of users provided by the Financial Defence and Service for Financial User Services, so that you do not receive publicity. In the case that you decide to register in these forementioned registers, we will respect your decision.

4. Transfer of personal details

Hotel La Casona can transfer your personal details to third parties for established reasons in this Privacy Statement. This includes:

a) Your personal details mentioned above could be comunicated to the competent authorities, depending on aplicable legislation. These tranfers of details can be of national or international character.

b) Hotel La Casona can transfer all or part of your personal details to our website's support service providers https://www.hotellacasona.com.mx, including Google Analytics, with the purpose of obtaining your IP address and statistic service information analysis of the use of our website. These transfers can be of national or international character.
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c) Your personal details can also be sent to marketing and publicity providers so that it can be used in the sending of emails and generation of publicity.

5. ARCO rights

In accordance with the LFPDPPP, you have access, rectification, cancelation and opposition rights for your personal details, also known as "ARCO rights", these rights are explained in te following points:

- Access: Your right to access your personal details that are with us, and to obtain information about how your personal details are used.

- Rectification: The right to rectificar your personal details if they are not exact or are incomplete.

- Cancelation: The right to cancel your personal details that we have in our possesion, if you feel that they are not being treated in accordance with the LFPDPPP and it's rules.

- Oppostion to use: The right to oppose the use of your personal details, when there is a legitimate cause or so that your details are not used in specific ways.

The LFPDPPP also concedes the right to refuse a previous agreement to use your personal details, at any time.

To excercise your ARCO rights to cancel a previous agreement to use your personal details, to communicate any doubt or complaint you may have regarding to the use of your personal details or to find out if other options are available (additional to those mentioned here) so that you can limit the use of your personal details, please contact our Personal Details Department ("DDP" por sus signos en Español).

Your request for cancelation, revocation and opposition to the use of your personal details will be evaluated in the established terms according to the LFPDPPP, and your request will be resolved taking in consideration the precepts of the LFPDPPP and other obligations that are applicable to Hotel La Casona (fiscal, comercial, consumer protection, public helth and safety etc.). In general, please consider that your requests may not proceed, in some cases your personal details may be needed to comply with a legal obligation with Hotel La Casona.

If a simple request should be sent by the aforementioned means. Our DDP will ask you for (i) the information and/or documents requiered for your request (ii) the time needed to answer your request (iii) how you should present your request, including any forms needed (iv) the way we will send you the requested information.

6. Personal Details Department ("DDP" por sus signos en Español)

Our DDP can be contacted in the following ways:

Inmobiliaria Casa Roma, S.A de C.V (Hotel la Casona) with address Durango No. 280 Col. Roma Delegación Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City or contact Hugo Sanchez contraloria@hotellacasona.com.mx Tel. 52863001.

Please include your full name and contact information.

7. Personal details safety

Hotel La Casona will take certain security measures with your personal details, these being organizational, physical and technical measures to prevent the loss, unauthorized use, alteration or illegal sharing of any personal details that may be provided to us. Any third parties with whom we share your personal details are also subject to similar privacy policies as are detailed here.

Hotel La Casona's website https://www.hotellacasona.com.mx uses SSL security to protect the information that you may provide, the acceptance of our Privacy Policy is considered express authorization by you for the transfer of said personal details or information. You can go to the National Transparency Institute (INAI, Instituto Nacional de Transparencia) if you feel that your right to protect your personal details has been violated in any way.

Hotel La Casona informs you that if you do not accept our Privacy Policy, you cannot proceed with the process of registration and reservation using any of our channels.

8. Privacy Policy modifications

Hotel La Casona reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any moment, so that we can reflect changes in policies or internal rules. These modifications will be available in the following sources: Notices in our premises, in our website, or by email. In the cae that you are not in agreement with any modifications we have made, you should send an email to the email address mentioned in this Privacy Policy, requesting the cancelation of your personal details with us according to the LFPDPPP.

"We inform you that this page uses cookies and web beacons to obtain personal details. You can disable these according to the information given in this Privacy Policy."

Date of this version of our Privacy Policy: August 2018.
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